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Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA
Rue du Moutier 49
CH – 1337 Vallorbe

Tél: +41 (0)21 843 94 94

Commercial register of the canton of Vaud
IDE\UID: CHE 102.143.987

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UMV customer relations contact: Caroline Flad

Call centre opening hours: +41 (0)21 843 94 95, Monday to Friday 08.30 – 12.00 & 14.00 – 17.00.

Data protection statement

1. Our commitment to confidentiality

We consider our customers to be our partners. This partnership is also reflected in the way we process personal data. At Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA (UMV), we work with customers as a matter of course to protect their privacy.

We only gather the data we need to facilitate your purchases. You decide which data to provide to UMV. By sending information to UMV to receive the best service, you are helping UMV to constantly improve.

We strive to guarantee that your personal data will be protected and processed in accordance with the law. The purpose of this data protection statement is to give you detailed information on how your data will be processed.

In general, the provisions of the Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection (RS 235.1) are applicable.

2. Scope

This data protection statement applies to all commercial activities of Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA. The controller of the file is Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA, Rue du Moutier 49, CH-1337 Vallorbe. In other words, the personal data you send via the website is gathered, used and processed by Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA.

This data protection statement applies to both past and future personal data. If you consent to us processing your personal data, its use in accordance with this data protection statement shall apply to both personal data that we gather in the future and that already in our possession.

Where this data protection statement refers to the processing of personal data, this shall mean any operation pertaining to it and, in particular, the gathering, safeguarding, management, use, transmission, disclosure or deletion of your personal data.

3. Purpose of gathering and processing data

We gather and process personal data for many reasons, which can be categorised as follows. Your personal data may be processed for one or more of the following purposes:

3.1. Products and services for customers
  • Provision and sale of our products and services to customers;
  • Processing orders and contracts, including sending order and shipping confirmations, delivery confirmations, delivery and billing;
  • Customer Service organisation and actions;
  • Organising and conducting market research and opinion polls;

  • Checking customers' solvency.
3.2. Communication with customers
  • Organisation, administration and implementation of communication with customers by post and electronically;
  • Commercial communication by post, and by phone and/or e-mail;
  • Evaluation of the use of our offers by phone and/or e-mail, for example concerning the type of use, frequency, duration or precise location of use. 

3.3. 3.3. Competition and organisation of events
  • Organisation and implementation of specific events, including advertising or sponsorship.
3.4. Analysis of customer behaviour
  • Optimising the product offer. This is done through individualised and personalised, or anonymous and group-based, recording of customers' attitudes, and previous and current purchasing behaviour concerning the use of offers in our online shop, including the creation and analysis of location data, travel profiles and basket analysis;
  • Individualised and personalised, or anonymous and group-based, identification and classification of requirements and the existing and potential interests of our customers; 

  • Statistical evaluation of customer behaviour based on anonymous customer data; 

  • Cross-referencing of new personal data and personal data we have already gathered; 

  • Cross-referencing of personal data and public data in order to improve our database and analyse customer behaviour. For example, enriching profiles with third party data includes data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, calendar data, or geographical data;
  • Effective use of online and offline data via logical cross-referencing of all existing data for a global approach focused on target groups to improve marketing activities.
3.5. Direct marketing
  • Simplification of processes including purchases and customer services, and use of the findings from the customer behaviour analysis for continuous improvement of the products and services we supply to customers;
  • Avoidance of unnecessary advertising thanks to the findings from the customer behaviour analysis, enabling individualised and personalised direct marketing;
  • Sending of individualised and personalised advertising by post or by phone and/or e-mail; 

  • Individualised and personalised adaptation of offers and advertising on our websites.

4. When do we gather the data?

We gather personal data when we contact you. This happens frequently, for example in the following situations:

  • visits to our website;
  • purchase of a product from our online shop;
  • contact with our Customer Services;
  • participation in one of our market research surveys or opinion polls;
  • use of our website or communication with you via a website;
  • communication with us via phone and e-mail;
  • contact with you during specific events such as advertising or sponsorship events.

5. Type of data gathered and processed

The data gathered includes the personal data you provide us with, along with the personal data you enter automatically or manually when you contact us. The type of data we gather varies from case to case. We may gather the following types of data about you, among others:

5.1. Personal data:
  • Name and surname/Corporate name;
  • Address;
  • Delivery address;
  • Billing address;
  • Language preferences;
  • Business sector;
  • Phone number(s);
  • -mail addresse(s);
5.2. Customer activity data
  • Contractual data (including the date, type and content of the contract; contracting parties; contract period; contract value; claims made on the basis of the contract);
  • Information on purchases (including the date, place and time of purchase; the type, quantity and value of products and services purchased by customers; the basket, incomplete basket and payment methods used; the paying agent; the purchase history); 

  • Information from Customer Services (including product returns, claims, warranty cases, delivery information);
  • Session data concerning visits to our website (including the duration and frequency of visits, language and country settings, information on the computer's browser and operating system, IP addresses, search keywords and search results; feedback left);
  • Positioning data for use of mobile devices;
  • Communication by phone and e-mail.

6. Data storage period

We keep your personal data for the length of time we deem necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws, or for the time required to meet the purpose for which it is gathered. At the end of this period and, in any case, once the maximum authorised period has expired, we will destroy the data.

7. Transmission of personal data

Employees of UMV may only access your personal data as is necessary to carry out their respective duties.

The website only transmits personal data to third parties if it is essential for the completion of an order or payment (e.g. sending data to the post office, or to a debt recovery organisation in case of non-payment, etc.). Our partners clear our customers' personal data once it is no longer needed and, in any case, when the authorised retention period has expired. The information is kept strictly confidential.

Finally, we may also transmit your personal data where we deem it necessary to comply with applicable laws and provisions, during legal proceedings, at the request of the courts and competent authorities or in accordance with other legal obligations, in order to protect and defend our rights or heritage assets.

We will never sell your personal data to a third party.

8. Data protection method

We have the necessary technical and organisational resources to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data. We safeguard your personal data against unauthorised or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, technical errors, falsification, theft or unlawful use, as well as modification, copying, access or other unauthorised actions.

However, sending information via the internet and other electronic means entails certain security risks, and we cannot provide any guarantees concerning the security of information sent in this way.

9. Use of cookies and analysis tools (Google Analytics)

9.1. Use of cookies

We use cookies on our website Cookies are small text files which are stored, either permanently or temporarily, on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Cookies are used to analyse your use of the website. Please refer to our cookies policy for more information.

9.2. Use of Google Analytics for website analysis

We use a traffic analysis service from Google Inc. called Google Analytics to constantly improve and optimise our website. Google Analytics generates detailed statistics concerning website traffic and its origin, and measures its conversions and sales. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are stored on your computer or mobile device and used to analyse the use of our website. The information gathered by the cookies on your use of our website, including your IP address, are made anonymous and sent to Google using the corresponding parameters.

Information concerning your use of our online shop is sent to a Google server in the USA, where it is stored. Google uses the information gathered by cookies to evaluate your use of our website, to create and draw up reports for the site operator on the website activity, and to provide other services linked to the use of the website. If necessary, Google may send this information to third parties if required by law, or if the third parties in question are required to process the information on behalf of Google. Google will never link your IP address to other information stored by Google.

By using this website, you give your consent for Google to use your personal data as described and for the purposes mentioned above.

10. Your rights concerning your personal data

You may, at any time, request information on personal data concerning you that we are processing, either to correct or supplement it, prevent it from being processed, or request its deletion.

11. Responsible body

To receive information on your personal data, send us updates, request deletion of your personal data or for any other question concerning the processing of your personal data or this data protection statement, please contact us at the following address:

Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA
FAO Liliane Marti
Rue du Moutier 49
CH – 1337 Vallorbe

Tél: +41 (0)21 843 94 95

12. Updates to this data protection statement

We may, from time to time, update, modify, supplement or otherwise revise this data protection statement, at our sole discretion and without notice, such that any personal data you have already provided us with may be modified in a completely different way. We recommend that you regularly check our data protection statement for updates.

Date: 10.11.2017
Version 1.0

Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA, November 2017.